SureSealâ„¢ Technology

First developed by scientists at Oregon State University, SureSealâ„¢ is a proprietary, innovative technology platform that is changing the way growers protect their crops and enhance their productivity. SureSeal is comprised of a food-grade, phospholipid based, hydrophobic bio-film that suppresses fruit cracking in the event of high moisture or rain. By providing a protective shield against water absorption, our products protect the integrity of the outer skin or cuticle of fruits and vegetables during the final growth stages. Application of our technology ultimately leads to higher marketable yield and higher income to our growers. Compared to other products in the industry our technology is the only one with elastic properties that allows the protective shield to stretch and maintain its integrity even when the crop is still growing and expanding. All other competitive products are rigid wax based technologies that split apart when the crop expands thus compromising the integrity of the shield. SureSealâ„¢ based technology products stand alone in how they shield and protect high value crops.


Enhance Quality & Prolong Shelf Life

Our proprietary technology also has applications for the enhancement of quality traits (size, grade, brix, firmness, etc.) on fruit and vegetables as well as to prolong the shelf life of harvested crops. We are in the process of conducting field trials to characterize the value of our technology in these exciting areas.


US Patent No. 8,752,328